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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 4, 2011 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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silencing the critics. a decision about releasing the photos of osama bin laden's body. >> plus, mission tick tock. and what navy seals found inside the mansion are released. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> top secret. president obama will not release the photos of osama bin laden's body. danielle nottingham reports for wjz. that decision came as new details as what happened inside that compound were released. >> reporter: the president has told cbs's 60 minutes he will not release photos of osama bin laden after he was killed. white house press secretary jay carney quoted the president from the interview. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not float -- not floating around as an insightment to additional
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violence or as a propaganda tool. >> reporter: this comes after some wanted proof that bin laden is dead. >> reporter: even with no photo proof, there is concern here in washington and around the world that americans will be targeted in possible revenge attacks. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder promised the treasure trove of information from bin laden's safe house will be used to keep americans safe. intelligence analysts are now combing through flash drives, dvds, and documents. >> as we glean that information, we will add to the terrorist no-fly list. >> you've earned your place among the greatest of americans. the terrorists who started this war and who took so many innocent lives learned that
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america does not forget. >> reporter: tomorrow, the president heads to new york city, to visit with 9/11 families and first responders and to lay a wreath at ground zero. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> the fbi in quantico, virginia, is examining the computer equipment seized in this weekend's raid. >> this is a controversial issue. now that the president has made his issue not to release them, do you agree? >> well, mary, we would like to know what you think about making the pictures of osama bin laden's death public? so far, just over 46 percent of who responded said the pictures should be released for everyone to see. 49% digs agree. others are undecided about whether the pictures should be made public. be sure to log onto let us know what you think. >> and see the president's interview, where he talks about his decision to keep the photos
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top secret. that's this sunday here on wjz 13. >> reporter: worries of retaliation. some have bin laden -- lawmakers in washington are discussing transit security today. >> the national guard is out at penn station in new york. bomb-sniffing dogs are doing their job. trying to prevent a terr attack. while they are asking people to be alert for a possible revenge attack, new yorkers are sticking with their daily routine. >> i need to use the subway. i need to travel for my job. so it's kind of the way it is. >> i have to continue living my life. >> in the city's counterterrorism group is urging lawmakers to avoid cutting federal funding for security in the transit system. >> some of what we do simply
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wouldn't be possible. it would compromise the level of security we have. >> but new yorkers are doing their part. police report an increase in 91 calls about suspicious packages. a sign of increased vigilance. >> i'm worried about repercussions, if there is any. >> they can make a difference. where security officials say the best defense of a public attack is a public willing to keep its eyes and ears open. >> police say most suspicious packages turn out to be backpacks or briefcases that are left unattended. >> reporter: laying felicia to rest. phylicia barnes. >> a private funeral is set for this saturday in conniers, georgia but can be viewed online. her body had been found two weeks ago. she had been missing since christmas while visiting family
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for the holiday. police say a man's body found in the water nearby was not related to the teen's disappearance. a memorial service will take place in baltimore on may 14th at the mount pleasant church. >> right now, police have no suspects in felicia's disappearance or death. an heroic rescue. suzanne collins joins us live. the couple rented a house two days ago. suzanne? >> that's something, isn't it? the destruction of this house is total. yet the quick actions of that neighbor ensured that two people's lives were saved. >> it was just, boom. my whole house shifted. >> next thing you know, we have like a good 20, 30 fire trucks in our neighborhood. >> reporter: steven garribed ran out to see what woke him up early in the morning. >> you couldn't even see the house. >> his friends captured this
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picture. >> glass everywhere. went through the back. i saw my neighbor screaming for his wife. >> reporter: ned found the man's wife. >> he told me they were sleeping and could just wake up in the backyard. he doesn't remember. >> reporter: at day break, you could see the extent of the damage. the gas company is making sure there are no leaks. all power has been shut off in the 11,200 block of ashley drive. but now, investigators have to decide where to begin. >> and the sad part is they just moved in two days ago. that's really sad. these poor folks. >> reporter: now, fires and explosive experts are going to try to figure out what caused this explosion. back to you inside. >> thank you, suzanne. one neighbor says the new couple were trying to install a gas stove. >> record flooding is forecast along the mississippi river this week. the army corps of engineers is considering whether to blast
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more holes in the levees along the river. >> reporter: the national guard raced to save a 93-year-old woman when floodwaters washed out this missouri road. one of the guardsmen pulled her out of her sinking car and brought her to safety. residents are evacuating all along the mississippi river in missouri and southern illinois, as the water rises. hundreds have gone to local shelters. >> it was a spur of the moment thing. wasn't nobody prepared for this at all. >> reporter: they are from a town that appears to have been spared after the army corps of engineers blasted holes in a levee on the river, diverting floodwaters into farm land. this is what the area near carrow looked like before the levee break. and this is what it looks like now. >> the immediate threat in this area is over. but the worst could be ahead for people living further downstream. army engineers say more levee blasts may be necessary. >> days of rain are pushing the mississippi to record levels. >> reporter: the rising water
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is now heading south. towns in tennessee and mississippi are bracing for what could be the worst flooding since the 1950s. residents are loading up sand bags and bringing them to low- lying homes. >> prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> the river is expected to flood. >> reporter: kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> there is definitely a chilly breeze out there. meteorologist tim williams is out there from the first warning weather center. tim, you warned us yesterday. >> there are definitely two parts of this story. first off, the rain that moves through here, started to push off from central maryland. right now, we are looking at just a few widely scattered showers. you can see a little bit of the rotation there, north of the state line, around york and to hagerstown. we cannot rule out just a stray shower. but the clouds are starting to break a little bit. we're starting to see the temperatures level out here as well. take a look at temperature departure. we were in the low 80s
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yesterday. we were about 25 degrees colder today than yesterday. a large part of that is because of the rain, blocking out the sun and then also the winds were coming in from the northwest. and as a result, we are looking at a freeze warning in effect. here is the first part of may. and we're looking at a freeze warning in effect from allegheny county throughout tonight. temperatures in the outlying suburbs could dip down into the 30s. we'll continue to keep you posted on that. we'll also have a look at the updated forecast. school zone crash. a crossing guard is recovering today after being hit by a school bus in anne arundel county. it happened just after 7:30 in the morning at furnace avenue and sunny brook drive. police believe the driver was in the crosswalk. the crossing guard is in serious but stable condition at shock trauma. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin. >> hi, everyone. well, we do have a couple of delays out there. although they are minor.
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on the west side of the outer loop, we have an accident that we're watching there. that's at security boulevard at the right-hand shoulder. continue minute -- 10 minutes to liberty road. about 40 miles per hour average. minor delay on the north side outer loop. only about five minutes there from york road to charles street. and several accidents in the area. liberty road at northern baltimore drive. that's in windsor. also in essex. evergreen lane at back river road. as far as city accidents go, three to report. north president at east fayette. also pulaski highway and north howard at west 26th. let's now take a live look. you can see everything moving just fine. that's on the west side there, wilkens avenue. and there's a live look. no problems at 70, at 29. if you or someone you know have suffered a personal injury, call them at 1-800-the firm, or visit them online at for your free consultation. back to you. new york city is about to
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unveil brand-new taxicab. mayor michael bloomberg has announced they have selected the taxi 200 as the taxi of tomorrow. nissan also offered the lowest purchase in operation costs. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. hands on learning. or parked in front of a tv? a new study on day care that every parent needs to hear. losing weight and curing disease all naturally. that's the promise of a new training method in maryland. i'm andrea fujii, that's just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. athletes are athletes. wait until you see this incredible shot from a ping- pong match. and the skies have been cloudy most of the day. we've gotten the occasional shower. will the skies clear up tonight. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds.
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a mine supervisor says the miners who have been missing since yesterday are most likely dead. crews have recovered the bodies of five other miners killed also in the blast. investigators are blaming the blast on a buildup of methane gas. a bizarre accident claims the life of a popular student at a texas state university. police say 24-year-old resident adviser was alt a party when she and several students decided to jump out a window. the woman died after suffering head and neck injuries in the six-foot fall. another student suffered just minor injuries. it is unclear whether alcohol was a factor in the incident. police are still investigating tonight. losing weight and curing disease naturally. that's the promise of a new training method that has just come to light recently. they are telling us about the "alive" program.
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>> reporter: squat down. >> reporter: in just three weeks, barbara rehack's body has changed. >> a 10-pound weight loss. more muscle definition. and a lot more energy. >> reporter: she's just one of 12 marylanders in the new alive fitness program, which stands for aggressive lifestyle intervention variable exercise. it teaches that clients can rid themselves of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, with exercise and graduality changes in eating habits. >> sugary products, processed. it's all natural, healthy foods. this program has actually been designed to heal the person, rather than just put them on medication and just a temporary band aid. >> reporter: a florida trainer developed the program. and baltimore is the second city to have it. >> roll all the way out. >> reporter: the $450, eight- week program, combines individual and group training sessions. >> reporter: and once the eight weeks are over, clients have been shown to stick with it.
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>> reporter: former rower mary sheehan hopes to get her athletic body back. >> i notice my clothes are fitting better. and i feel toner and stronger. in that regard, i agree with it. >> reporter: she agrees with fellow planner barbara. >> i just feel that it's going to be part of my lifestyle now. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the alive program is only offered at baltimore merit athletic clubs. to learn more, go to, and click on the seen on section on the left side of the page. >> a rough day on wall street. concerns about jobs sent the markets down. dow was down 84. s&p off 9. nasdaq down 13. let's go to new york now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch upda >> reporter: the job market is not recovering fast enough for wall street. adp showed the eco
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added 179,000 private sector jobs last month. that was les than expected. and it's raising concerns about what the government's monthly jobs report will reveal on friday. a separate report shows the service sector slowed last month, as many companies expressed concern about higher food and gas prices. the service industry, which includes hotels and restaurants, employs about 90% of the u.s. work force. so a slowdown there could have a ripple effect thriewlt the economy. a new cbs news, new york times poll shows president obama's overall approval rating got an 11% boost. after the death of osama bin laden, 85% of americans approved of how mr. obama handled the situation. but the president still received his lowest rating to date on his handling of the economy, with just 34% approval. and white castle is entering the computer age. the 90-year-old fast food chain is ordering online. customers with a hankering for
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its signature square four slider burgers can use a menu. it should be ready. they tested online ordering this year in minneapolis. and decided to expand the program to all of its more than 400 locations nationwide. and that's your money watch. for more, you can log onto in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. >> a consumer advocacy group is calling for the recall and banning of bedside rails. the public center sent an investigation into bed handles inc. the bedside assistant bed handle are used mostly in private homes and nursing homes but rarely in hospital settings. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. the pro athletes use it to help their bad knees. now, you can. stick around for healthwatch. bank robbers who don't have to step foot into a bank. what you need to know about atm skimming.
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it's a chilly gray afternoon. we also have sprinkles of rain in the forecast. tim's forecast coming up. we'll have updates on the first warning weather all th
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a little sun, a little rain. a little everything. >> there's a little blue. there you go. >> now it's gone. [ laughter ] >> you see, just because that little bit of blue is there, that goes from a cloudy day to a mostly cloudy day. >> oh. okay. >> there you go. >> that's a little different. now we have a mostly cloudy afternoon shaping up with a little blue peeking in. we still have some scattered showers, widely scattered showers. first warning doppler radar shows, we have a little rotation in the atmosphere, just behind the system that moves through that brought us the larger amounts of rain. starting yesterday evening. so we still cannot rule out the potential for a scattered shower. but for the most part, as high pressure is now building in, and with a bit of a wind from
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the west and northwest, we're drying out a little bit. staying in the cooler zone, as far as the air is concerned. but most of this now, not making this to the ground. and the moisture is still adding to our cloud cover, but we're not seeing too many showers. although you cannot rule out maybe a sprinkle. right now, because of that northwest wind and the clouds blocking off the sun, we have been in the 50s all day today. keep in mind, our average high now is 70, leaning toward 71 degrees. we're at 56 now at bwi marshall. humidity with a dew point at 41. northwest wind at 9 miles per hour. that's helping keep us in the cool range. and 30.06 and rising is your barometer, as high pressure is building into the area. 47 cold degrees out in oakland. 52 in cumberland. 57 in hagerstown. we do have 57 at patuxent. around the immediate metro area, everyone in the mid- to upper 50s. and we do have a frost advisory in effect for garrett county. freeze warnings in effect for the panhandle.
4:25 pm
our outlying suburbs will dip down into the 30-degree range, tonight, because of this northwest wind. we have 13-mile-per-hour winds in oakland. 20 in d.c. and again, these double-digit winds have kept a chilly, cool breeze. and nowhere in our region is really any warmer. even the wind from the northwest is not really a drastic change from us to detroit to chicago. but we will start to see a bit of a gradual warmup. the rain that came through, and the front associated with it, moved out of here by about noontime. this is what we're dealing with now. this little bit of a spiral and disturbance associated with it, started to push across the region. that's going to be with us through the evening. high pressure will build in. and this next boundary that moves in is going to bring a chance of rain, potentially into friday, saturday, and sunday. it's going to drape over us and allow us little ripples of disturbance to move across. and that is going to keep us, not necessarily a washout of any kind for your mother's day
4:26 pm
weekend. but we will not rule out the chance, again, of these widely scattered showers. just keep them in your plan. sunset at 8:04. small craft advisory. 42 tonight. partly cloudy and chilly. 65 tomorrow. mostly sunny. but it's going to be a little windy. expect lows in the overnight hours, around 40. >> okay. >> thanks. >> all right. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. suspect behavior, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and a lot more ahead on wjz at 4:30. bullied to death. today, two massachusetts teens pay for the threats they made to a high school girl. ninnintendo is cut -- nintendo is cutting the price. what the robottix cameras captured. complete coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues, when eyewitness news
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it is 4:29. 56 degrees and mostly cloudy. hello and thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. pakistan under pressure. the country faces growing criticism for allowing bin laden to go undetected for so long. this comes as protestors supported killing. charlie d'agata has the latest for wjz. supporters of osama bin laden said prayers at a funeral service in central pakistan. but it quickly turned into an anti-american protest. any friend of america is a traitor, they shouted, and osama is alive. supporters still called the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks a hero. he fought against the only super power in the world, he says, osama's sacrifice is a milestone.
4:31 pm
the compound where the navy seal shot bin laden dead is now locked up. pakistani officials will only say that surviving family members are in safe hands and will be handed over to their country. but some want pakistani officials to explain how osama bin laden was able to live under their noses. some pakistani officials say that it's because of the u.s. >> reporter: they are pressing pakistan to crack down on al qaeda groups still in the country. >> is pakistan doing all it can? we would answer, they need to do more. >> reporter: when asked how bin laden could hide in plain sight, a u.s. intelligence official says pakistan was either involved or incompetent.
4:32 pm
charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: many pakistanis say they still refused to believe bin laden is dead. and they are asking u.s. officials to provide proof. radiation levels are higher than expected inside japan's damaged power plant. >> reporter: the power plant operator released new video today. it shows the first floor of the fukushima plant, inside reactor number 1. the video confirms the electricity cables are safe and there are no water leaks. but radiation levels are worse than previously thought. they are injecting water into the reactor to introduce radiation as quickly as possible. the plant's operator says it may take the rest of the year to bring the plant back under control. a teenager is charged with taking advantage of a heart attack victim. police say they found michael shack slumped over the wheel. but instead of calling for help, the teen is accused of
4:33 pm
stealing schacht's car. prosecutors say he will face robbery charges because there is not evidence to charge him with homicide. two teens learn their fate in the case of a horrible case of bullying. phoebe prince took her own life after relentless teasing in a high school. the judge ordered both teens to complete 100 hours of community service. a scare for senate majority leader harry reid. he appeared to be on the path of recovery as he gave a fist pump on his way to work. one of the senators said he was treated at george washington hospital and quickly released. a strange solution for some who are suffering from knee pain. it all starts with roosters. >> bonnie is 49 and very
4:34 pm
active. >> i'm a downhill skier. i'm a cross country skier. i do yoga and pilates. i run, and i do in-line skating. >> reporter: sue is 63. and she just wants her knees to feel good again. >> my goal is to walk with as little pain as possible. and to not have the replacements unless i absolutely have to. >> reporter: they're both among a growing group of people using or even asking about a procedure that all starts with roosters. >> absolutely. they're coming in, and frequently, they will say, what is the rooster stuff. >> it's hiloronnic acid, marketed under a number of names. hyaluronic. >> you can have it done where people are sitting. and they can inject it into the front of the knee. >> reporter: it is injected into the knee, adding extra viscal fluid. >> this tries to bring back the
4:35 pm
more normal characteristics. >> it works wonders for bonnie. >> before the first shot, i was literally almost dragging my leg around. >> reporter: who has been known to get a shot one day and do pilates the next. >> it's been magical for me. >> gradually, they're getting better. >> reporter: sue just finished her first five-shot series. and her relief is coming slowly. but she's now able to picture a walking trip in italy next year. and stairs don't hurt quite as much. >> reporter: this can also help patients who are too old or frail for surgery. some alarming news for parents who put their kids in day care. >> reporter: nearly 60% of day care centers are ignoring the national guidelines for television exposure in young children. more than two thirds of kids in day cares. they are allowing children to watch tv an average of 4 times
4:36 pm
a month, even though they are told to limit it to once a week. >> most of the day care centers that met tv watching guidelines had national accreditation and had higher tuition. today's bank robberies don't have to rob a bank. with technology, they can do it outside. atm skimming is happening now more than ever. >> reporter: the next time you walk into your neighborhood atm to pull out cash, ask yourself a question, is someone watching? does the key pad and card reader seem normal? >> didn't notice anything at all. >> reporter: 24-year-old britney reamer didn't notice anything was wrong with her atm. on hancock street. but when she checked her account, something was very wrong. >> i checked it on my lunch break. and i noticed there was a $1,000 missing from my checking account. and another $500 from my savings account.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: police believe she was a victim of skimming. >> it comes from atm cards, credit cards. it's basically the financial system at risk. >> a skimmer. and that would be fit over an actual atm slot. >> reporter: how do thieves do it? they alter it with card numbers. disguised as small pin hole cameras. >> that can collect information, legitimate information off a credit card. but can also be sending it to a person, sitting close by, that has a computer. it's a wireless type system. >> reporter: britney did get all of her money back. >> now, when i go through, it's like if there's something that didn't look right, if they had a device over where the card scanner is that looks kind of external, i don't even bother. i'm like, never mind. >> reporter: they have also broken into secure networks.
4:38 pm
in one case, they put more than 130 million accounts at risk. we have breaking news in the phylicia barnes case. a short time ago, the medical examiner determined the manner of death to be homicide. there is a cause of death but it is not being released right now. because investigators say it is an important part of the ongoing investigation. her body was found in the susquehanna river. she went missing right after the holidays. her family is burying her this weekend. the service will be streamed online. and there will also be a service in baltimore may 14th. it is a chilly, damp day. plenty of clouds. as we take a live look outside, it is much cooler than right now. wjz has weather and traffic together. but first, we go to bob with first warning weather. >> compared to yesterday, it's like day and night. take a look at radar. there are still showers upstream in the maryland area. and very, very light stuff. it's still possible. might see a sprinkle or a brief
4:39 pm
little shower. most of them will not make it into the region. but a few spots will see a brief sprinkle. take a look at these numbers. yesterday at this time, we were around 82 degrees. we're 25 degrees colder right now. pax river, 26 degrees colder. elfk -- elkton. cumberland, almost 30 degrees colder. and because of these colder temps, with clearing skies tonight, yes, believe it or not, out in allegheny county, a frost watch. frost advisories. temperatures in the mid-30s. and there can be frost. locally, some of the suburban areas could get down to 38 or 39 degrees in the morning. vic? >> bob. thank you. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. that delay on the west side inner loop that has stretched. it is now backed, beginning at frederick road to liberty road. at least 15 minutes to get through. on the west side outer loop, we
4:40 pm
have that accident we're watching at 795. that will definitely catch your attention as you drive by. north side outer loop, slowing from york road to charles street. slowing from 32 to 175. in pikesville, we have an accident there. brooks robinson drive. hawkins point at efficiency way. and in the essex area, evergreen lane. at back river road. one new accident in baltimore city. east pratt. let's take a live look. 70 at 29. and there's another look at the west side at wilkens avenue. it is starting to pick up. but right now, no current delays this. traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate 2. you can call them. back over to you. for the first time in recent memory, a ping-pong game makes the highlight reel. check out what happens in the match between two swedish players. one of the players hits an
4:41 pm
incredible over the back. the ball bounced in for a win. but despite all of that talent, the man who hit that shot is only ranked 421st in the world. >> but he's never won on tv today. >> i should say so. >> see, he turns around? >> boom. >> the table looks small. >> he's just fast. >> sure is. well -- straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. scouts stranded. trapped in the woods for days. we have the dramatic rescue. improve your batting practice. it's gray and chilly. and there could be sprinkles this afternoon. bob's updated forecast is coming up. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. it is video you have to see to believe. a suspect shoots it out with officers in the middle of daylight. >> reporter: police say it started as an ordinary traffic
4:45 pm
stop, when suddenly shots rang out. and as you can see here, the 28- year-old suspect got out of the car and opened fire on police. more officers then opened back. the department is standing by its officers, saying it's clear, the man intended to kill them. but in the end, it was the suspect who did the shootout. >> thank you, weijia. police are waiting for ballistic results that could tie the suspect to a drive-by shooting in that same area. he was just 8 years old, when a neighbor doused ronnie middleton in the area. now, those injuries have claimed his life. shern-min chow has the latest. >> reporter: colleen middleton chose each of these pictures for the funeral. because there were good days. back in 2009, robby told 11 news what he has always said, a 13-year-old neighbor attacked
4:46 pm
him. >> he threw gas on my face. after that, i don't remember anything. >> reporter: skin grafts grown in a lab saved robby's life and later took it. >> this skin is fragile and easily broken. >> this is the result of burns? >> yes. >> reporter: robby understood what this meant and that he was dying. >> reporter: what do you hope to see on that death certificate as cause of death? >> homicide. >> the statute of limitations ran out while robby was recovering. they say the authorities were not aggressive enough with the teenage suspect. >> he was never charged. and they told us there was never enough evidence. >> reporter: in many ways, robby grew up here at the shriner's hospital in galveston. his parents guessed he had maybe 150 surgeries, maybe more in his life. perhaps it was fitting that he died here with his family, his
4:47 pm
whole family. he was a child of ours. he came to death in that search. he's a hero. >> reporter: the middletons have no regrets about the skin grafts. >> my choice was that he would die that night, he would get 13 years. >> authorities say without the skin grafts, they would have never gotten as much time with robby as they did. a louisiana boy scout troupe got caught in the weather. but as their long-time motto says, the scouts were prepared. sean mcginnis has more on their adventure and their rescue. >> reporter: unexpected rain flooded the area, where scouts were poised across the river, leaving them trapped. but by no means unprepared. >> coming in with hypothermia. we got out of that. got a fire started, even though
4:48 pm
it rained. dried out our wood. and see what we have to do. >> reporter: that's boy scout jamarcus labastry. >> everyone kept spirits up. our morale stayed up. we weren't whining. we just stayed together as a troupe. >> reporter: and fellow scout blake dugaw said they found a way to keep simple comforts at home. and finally, late monday night, a national guard helicopter spotted the scouts' camp. >> i thought i was going crazy. >> reporter: and just hours later, the rescue began. >> the next morning, 6:00, we were saying, get up. pack your stuff. >> reporter: robinson said he was proud of the kids who never wavered throughout the ordeal. >> i really need to commend them for their bravery. there was never any fear, never any trembling. >> reporter: in lafayette, for
4:49 pm
cbs news, i'm sean mcginness. >> reporter: the helicopter was unable to land, so they dropped down food and walkie-talkies. there is good news for thrifty gamers. nintendo said it's slashing the price of the motion-controlled sensor. the wii gaming will be slashed. nintendo also said it will release a new console to succeed the wii, sometime next year. a sunny summer day is great for a game of baseball, especially if you're a pitcher. hitters and pitchers seem to be playing better, depending on the weather. turns out batting averages go up when the sun goes behind the clouds. and pitchers do better on sunny days. the research is published in the journal of weather, climate and society. >> this was a study over a number of years. [ laughter ] >> mom, guess what i'm going to be doing.
4:50 pm
i'm going to be studying baseball. the sun is trying to peek out on a cloudy afternoon. >> bob
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juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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there's a little bit of blue here and dollar, but not much. >> i was going to say yesterday, we didn't know whether to turn on the heat. yesterday was the air conditioning. this morning, it was freezing out to 40s this morning. yeah, it was really, really chilly. even this morning, it was like 35, 40 degrees colder than this afternoon. 63 now. well below our averages. right now, our average high is 70. 41 is your dew point. humidity. barometer, 30.06 inches right now. it's bin -- beginning to come back up a little bit. 46 in oakland. down to the south, 55. pretty much, everybody in the mountains east and mid-50s. it's been a very cool day, compared to yesterday. everybody is in the mid-70s and low 80s.
4:54 pm
around the local region, mid- to upper 50s. and skies clear out. it's going to be cold. many spots around 40 degrees by morning. now, that is not enough to kill your plants. but some sensitive plants can be hurt. we won't see any locally. garrett county. neighboring counties in western maryland and southwest pa, will likely see frost by tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid-30s. right now, temperatures down about 9 miles an hour. 13 in oakland. winds will die down tonight. and it should clear up. but look at all of this rain we had earlier today. rain moved through the region. we saw a little sunshine. and right behind it, a little upper level disturbance. causing clouds and believe it or not, that was a snowflake from dayton, ohio. right now, a couple of sprinkles moving through the area, with this cold air aloft. it reacts with this may sun. creates clouds. and we get sprinkles. that will clear out later this evening. and during the day tomorrow, high pressure builds in. should be a pretty nice day.
4:55 pm
on friday, another weak system passing pretty much to our north. could bring us an afternoon shower. maybe a brief shower. looks like the weekend could get up. there is warming coming. winds on the bay, still kind of breezy. and an advisory for small craft tomorrow afternoon. bay temp, around 62 now. warmer than the air. 42 tonight. colder than some subur ban areas. some neighborhoods get to 38 degrees. downtown, probably closer to about the upper 40s. tomorrow, sunshine. breezy. tomorrow night, down near 40. but tomorrow afternoon, in the mid-60s. it's about 5 or 6 degrees below average for this time of year. so chilly air here in the first week of may. >> enough of this. >> i'm with you. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. a former navy seal sheds new light on the takedown of bin laden. i'm adam may. what he has to say to some ,@
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
no, the white house will not release photos of osama bin laden. the reason behind the decision. >> get up and fight. the unconventional way a mom from baltimore county said she tried to protect her son. >> reporter: did she hag the fight the right way? i'm mike hellgren, near lansdowne, with expert advice. a big investigation into phylicia barnes' death. what the medical examiner is saying about the case. >> check in for these and all of the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
top secret photos. the white house will not release images of osama bin laden's body. >> tonight, why the president made that decision. plus, new information on the deadly raid in pakistan. here's what people are talking about. >> a controversial decision. president obama says he will not release any photos of osama bin laden's body. wjz is live with complete coverage. adam may spoke with a former navy seal, who knew some of the men involved in the mission in pakistan. but we begin with danielle notingham with more on the president's decision not to release those photos. >> reporter: the president has told cbs's "60 minutes," he will not release photos of osama bin laden after he was killed. white house press secretary jay carney quoted the president from the interview. >> it is important for


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